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  1. What a fantastic idea can’t wait for the site to be populated with lots of lovely boys. If I had a stud dog(s) I would certainly contribute to the site.

  2. Thanks everyone. We are getting more dogs to add every day. Keep watching the website.

  3. As I said in my e-mail to you both, This is going to be a great asset to all. I think those of us who remember the books that Garry & Teresa Foreman used to produce will agree this site will be a great resource like their Stud Book were, but available at the click of a button ! Great !

  4. Wishing you all the best of luck with this, will visit on a regular basis. Good resource for thinking outside the box.

  5. Just stumbled across this site. Well done, a lot of work but will be appreciated by most, always missed the books when Gary & Theresa stopped publishing them. Now if you could just do the same for the show results cross-referenced to the judges names?

  6. There is a FB group Golden Results UK which gives all the results with breeding of many Open Shows and all Championship Shows

  7. Hello! Thank you for your great work and useful information on your site! We like photos of your dogs! Our company produces high-quality professional dog equipment. We have special discounts for kennels, dog schools and trainers! We would be glad to offer you a partnership and will wait for your reply. Best regards!

  8. Great site and a much needed. It could be worth looking into some helpful filters as you get more and more dogs. Location/distance would be a handy one.

    I look forward to watching the site develop

  9. HI Julia

    At the moment we want to keep it to goods/services related to breeding but if we expand our services we will be in touch.

  10. HI Paul

    Thank you for your positive comments. We are developing the site as we go and we have now added an area to the dogs details and the search box enables you to sort dogs on certain parameters but as it grows we expect to have more specific searches added. Thanks again

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