Welcome to Our Site

The idea for this website came from a discussion between us about how we, as Golden Retriever bitch owners, were searching for information about available Stud Dogs and there seemed no easy way to source the information quickly without wading through individual Kennel pages or the Kennel Club website.

We both remembered well that a few years ago there was a book available which listed individual Stud Dogs, along with a photo and their pedigree. For various reasons, including image copyright issues, the cost of producing and distributing it and the vast task of collating the information, it fell by the wayside.

With the access and usability of the internet we wondered if a web-based version of this publication would be of interest to bitch owners trying to source suitable mates and for Stud Dog owners wishing to promote their dogs and so this website was developed and launched by Dawn Rose and Mary Neil, both Golden Retriever breeders and owners of both working and show bred dogs. 

Due to ill health and other challenges the website has been left in limbo for a while but we are relaunching for 2021. All current advertisers will be contacted and new dogs will be invited to join the site. 

We also believe that during COVID the prices of puppies has increased significantly and that responsible breeders are still selling puppies for a reasonable price and we will be encouraging people to add their contact details to the page where puppy purchasers will be assured of puppies that will be from health tested parents and not cost more than £2000.


If you would like to have your dogs added then look at our ‘How to Add Your Stud Dog’ page.

If you would like to be added to the Responsible Breeder page then send an email to goldenstuddogs@outloook.com

We are also happy to advertise goods and services which would be useful to users of this site and if you feel you have such products, contact us at goldenstuddogs@outlook.com